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Table: Variables

specific granular variables


PKNameData TypeNULLAutoDefaultCommentFK

VariableSpecificUUIDBigInt Foreign key unique identifier to Variables_dim table.
AggregationInterval Numeric(10, 1) The time interval distance for time related data. For example, if the data are provided in 15 minute intervals, the interval would be 4 and the aggregation unit would be hourly.
AggregationIntervalUnitCV NVarChar(50) The time internval unit of measurment (e.g., day ,month, year).
AggregationStatisticCVNVarChar(50) The calculated statistic associated with the site-specific variable amount.
AmountUnitCVNVarChar(250) The allocation unit of measurment (e.g., CFS, AF, etc).
MaximumAmountUnitCVNVarChar(250) The allocation unit of measurment used for maxium limits (e.g., CFS, AF, etc).
ReportYearStartMonth NVarChar(10) The starting month-day the data provider annual reporting period in. Format in MM-DD.
ReportYearTypeCV NVarChar(10) The data type of the annual reporting period for this datatype (e.g., water year, irrigation year, calendar year, etc.).
VariableCVNVarChar(250) The high-level description of the variable used (e.g., withdrawal, consumptive use, return flow, etc.).
VariableSpecificCVNVarChar(250) The lower-level / subcategorization of the VariableCV. Allows the user to specify the general category of water data (e.g. Withdrawl Irrigation, Withdrawl Supply, Consumptive Use Aggregated, etc.).



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