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Table NameCommentSchema
AggBridge_BeneficialUses_fact Core
AggregatedAmounts Input
AggregatedAmounts_fact Core
AggregationStatisticA term for describing the statistical action used to calculate over recorded time series values within a time interval. For example, 100 cfs of delivery target to a demand site is a "cumulative" aggregation statistic calculated over a time interval like a month. CVs
AllocationAmounts_fact Core
AllocationBridge_BeneficialUses_fact Core
AllocationsBridge_Sites_fact Core
Allocations_dimWater Allocations, also known as water rights or permits Core
Allocations_dim_InputWater Allocations, also known as water rights or permits Core
ApplicableResourceType CVs
BeneficialUseBeneficial uses associated with the site (e.g. irrigation, municipal, commercial, thermoelectric, industrial, stockwater, fire suppression, snow-making, etc.). Can be one or more uses assigned per site. Preference is to list the uses without abbrieviations, separated by commas.CVs
CoordinateMethod CVs
CropTypeA term that indicates the Crop type for the place of use, if the VariableSpecificCV is SiteSpecificConsumptive Use, Irrigation or SiteSpecificWithdrawal, IrrigationCVs
CustomerTypeCVCustomerTypeCV within a CommunityWaterSupplySystemCVs
DataQualityValue CVs
Date_dim Core
EPSGCodeA term to indicate the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) Code for projection, with a preference for WGS_1984, EPSG of 4326CVs
GNISFeatureNameA term that describes the most appropriate Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) identifier for the source location.CVs
IrrigationMethodA term to describe the irrigation method for the place of use, if the VariableSpecificCV is SiteSpecificConsumptive Use, Irrigation or SiteSpecificWithdrawal, IrrigationCVs
LegalStatusA term that describes the legal status of the water right (e.g., proven, approved, perfected, adjudicated, etc.)CVs
LivestockSpeciesCattle, sheepCVs
MethodTypeA term to describe how the actual amount was determined (i.e. calculated, measured, estimated, or reported).CVs
Methodsspecific granular variablesInput
Methods_dimspecific granular variablesCore
NAICSCodeA term for a Six-digit (North American Industry Classification System) NAICs Code associated with the primary beneficial use categoryCVs
NHDNetworkStatusA term to describe whether the point location is indexed to a USGS National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) productCVs
NHDProductA term that indicates the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Product that is used for the indexing. Should be NHDPlus V1, NHDPlus V2, NHD Med Res, or NHD High Res.CVs
OrganizationsOrganization responsible for the data reported. Input
Organizations_dimOrganization responsible for the data reported. Core
OwnerClassificationCattle, sheepCVs
PODSite_POUSite_fact Core
PowerTypeThermal, hydroCVs
RegulatoryOverlay Input
RegulatoryOverlayBridge_Sites_fact Core
RegulatoryOverlayTypeCV CVs
RegulatoryOverlay_dim Core
RegulatoryReportingUnits Input
RegulatoryReportingUnits_fact Core
RegulatoryStatusA term to indicate the status of the regulation (i.e., whether it is currently initiated/in effect)CVs
ReportYearCVA term to indicate the annual reporting period that this data are valid. There is a need to ensure the annual reporting period year matches the type of year used by the data provider. For example, if the data are valid for November 2018, the annual reporting period could be 2018 or 2019 depending on whether the data provider uses a calendar or water year.CVs
ReportYearTypeA term that describes the annual reporting period for this datatype. Could be a "water year," "irrigation year," a calendar year, or other variant.CVs
ReportingUnitTypeA term to describe the type of reporting unit - county, HUC, or a custom delineation.CVs
ReportingUnitsThe Area for which the Allocation or Estimate is being reportedInput
ReportingUnits_dimThe area for which the Allocation or Estimate is being reportedCore
SDWISIdentifierSafe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) Federal Reporting Services https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/safe-drinking-water-information-system-sdwis-federal-reportingCVs
SiteSpecificAmounts Input
SiteType CVs
SitesSite specificInput
SitesAllocationAmountsBridge_fact Core
SitesBridge_BeneficialUses_fact Core
Sites_dimSite specificCore
States CVs
USGSCategoryA term that assign a USGS water use category from the USGS controlled vocabulary (e.g. irrigation, groundwater, fresh)CVs
UnitsA term that describes the unit of the amountCVs
VariableA term that describes the high-level variable used for aggregated water data to support water planning and water balances. The general categories available are for water supply, water withdrawal, consumptive use, and return flows: [AggregatedWaterSupply], [AggregatedWithdrawal], [AggregatedConsumptiveUse], [AggregatedReturnFlow]CVs
VariableAmounts_fact Core
VariableSpecificA term that describes a subcategorization of the site-specific variable. This allows the user to specify not only the general category of water data, but also a more specific categorization. For example, for a subcategorization of water withdrawal, the variable would be [SiteSpecificWithdrawal, Irrigation]. Other examples: [SiteSpecificConsumptiveUse, Irrigation], [SiteSpecificReturnFlow, Discharge], etc.CVs
Variablesspecific granular variablesInput
Variables_dimspecific granular variablesCore
WaterAllocationBasisA Term to specify whether this water right is based on water withdrawals/diversion or consumptive use/depletion amountCVs
WaterAllocationTypeA term that describes the water right type in each state such as Federal Reserved Water Right, Temporary Application, Water Company SharesCVs
WaterAllocations Input
WaterQualityIndicatorA term to describe water quality fresh, saline, or mixed qualityCVs
WaterSourceBridge_Sites_fact Core
WaterSourceTypeA term that describes the source type of the water allocation (e.g., surface water, groundwater, mixed sources, reuse, etc.)CVs
WaterSourcesWaterSources including the source type (groundwater or surface water) and its qualityInput
WaterSources_dimWaterSources including the source type (groundwater or surface water) and its qualityCore