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Table: Organizations

Organization responsible for the data reported.


PKNameData TypeNULLAutoDefaultCommentFK

OrganizationUUIDNVarChar(250) Foreign key unique identifier to Organization_dim table.
OrganizationContactEmailNVarChar(250) Email address for the contact person of the organization.
OrganizationContactNameNVarChar(250) Name of the contact person for the organization.

A URL to WaDE GitHub repository page for the provided data.
OrganizationNameNVarChar(250) Name of the organization (e.g., Utah Division of Water Resources).
OrganizationPhoneNumberNVarChar(250) Phone number for the organization contact person. Include area code.

A description of the purview of the agency (e.g., water rights, consumptive use, etc.).
OrganizationWebsiteNVarChar(250) A hyperlink back to the organization's website. Include https:// header and trailing forward slash.
StateCVNVarChar(250) State abbreviation where the organization is.



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